Fabric Studio Redfined

Headquartered in Jaipur city, FabricQ is a one stop studio for all kind of home furnishing needs and decorative accessories. Studio’s façade endures vertical lines in cement plaster, galvanized from the unblemished folds of fabric and painted in tints of deep sea blue color to grant a cool and pleasing appearance to the west facing façade. The show-window glass front is devised with embellishing furnishing items to reach out and grab customer’s attention. The subtle ambience of the interior aims at highlighting the exuberance of vibrant furnishings as well as to lend serenity to the clients whilst they struggle with their choices during selection.

The studio introduces the discussion area on the right while the Product Display unit to the left. Adjoining the discussion space is an upholstered billing counter. The counter wall is embellished with studio’s customized fabric samplings, gracefully compiled within Moroccan style wooden frames. A curtain display falls opposite to the counter which truly raises its prominence and creates a sense of texture. The following space features assorted wallpapers and has unblemished vertical lines on wall similar to the exterior façade. Other significant aspects include upholstered chairs, natural white lights, sheer curtains in the window glass front, customized fabric curtains and light hues of the doors and shelves, which together preserve the pleasance and grant a soft touch to the studio.


Mr. P J Ajit


Jaipur, Rajasthan


1125 Sq Ft


Architecture and Interiors