Happiness Through Inclusion

This piece of public art is designed based on the premise that ‘contemplative architecture’ is experiential, unique and consciousness-altering, similar to meditation. Eighty two Hula-hoop rings with weaving, joined together by recycled cotton thread, are suspended in air, creating an organic shaped envelope. This installation invites public to pause amidst the bustle and commotion, offers a chance to gaze skywards and plunge into the accidental pleasures of sunlight and silence, of simplicity of shapes, colors and modesty of materials.

Cost-effective, light-weight and flexible, this piece is designed to travel across various locations. It is displayed outside our studio building since August 2017. We also showcased it at Jaipur Art Summit in 2017 where it received amazing response. Visitors were drawn to sit under it and showcase their creativity. We aim to install it at city’s open grounds, gardens, metro stations, etc where public can experience self-discovery and happiness though it.


Ravindra Manch, Jaipur, Rajasthan


750 sq. ft.