Khaat Redefined

Designed by VB Design Studio and
manufactured in conjunction with Ar. Nischal Jain

At VB Design Studio, we believe in the potential and competence of our long established, time honored traditions hence it reflects in our ideology. In recent past, our Roman client Ms. Gaia Franchetti expressed her desire for a furniture that is deeply rooted in indian traditions and is easy to disassemble and export. A khaat's user friendly design and multi purpose use makes it ubiquitous in households of indian villages. Thus, on the similar lines, we developed and “redefined” the idea of a "Khaat".

Reclaimed wood was used to create the four vertical members "Payas'’ and the horizontal members that held each other by tenon joints providing rigid support. Mesmerizing traditional details were carved on the ‘payas' by local craftsmen. The wood was finished with wax and oil. The thread was woven together by recycling clothes using a process locally known as ‘Batai’ which essentially weaves yarn fibers into braids giving it a rope like appeal.

Upon completion, it measures 2020 mm x 1010 mm x 520 mm. It can be easily dismantled and packed in a box measuring 18040mm x 150mm x 150mm. After receiving the 'khaat", Ms. Gaia approves of its sturdiness, comfort, versatility. For her, it is perfectly opulent and economical. It imparts a traditional character to a space with a dash of contemporary. A 'khaat' is one such state of the art furniture piece which will never become obsolete; however with these small endeavors we can always attempt to rejuvenate our traditions.


Ms. Gaia Franchetti