A Sailor's Residence

The residence belongs to a Ship Captain Mr. Rohit Agarwal who spends most of his time sailing. Thus, the idea was to design the house in a way that makes the family feel his presence even when he is absent. Thus, we started by understanding and analyzing the socio-psychological threads that connect the client's family together. Use of ocean blue shades is prominent and it is harmonized with grey and pink colors.

Floral patterns & motifs have been used as subtle ornaments to decorate walls and other elements. A keen focus is laid on developing green areas within the house using planters and garden areas. They lend life to the house and bring it closer to nature. The furniture including sofas, chairs, tables, shelves & cabinets are also designed as a continuation of house design. Various customized geometric patterns add life to the tiling. This house is an unspeakable delight to experience living.


Mr. Rohit Agarwal


Jaipur, Rajasthan


3500 sq. ft.


Architecture and Interiors