Sabha Kaksh

Rajasthan Adult Education Association (RAEA) is a nodal agency of NGOs which is earnestly concerned in adult literacy, women empowerment and overall human resource development since 1973. It’s regional office at Jaipur, a 6 acres campus, works under the chairmanship of Mr. Ramesh Thanvi. The project ‘Sabha Kaksh’ or conference hall of RAEA came to us as a retrieval and renovation chore.

Designated for upholding conferences and meetings among people of different age groups and positions, the space deserved to be one which bestows liberality, equality and humbleness in thoughts and ideas. It was essentially a platform, which regards the perceptions of all, irrespective of age, caste or religion and justifies the right to education through its ambience.

The design approach was thus kept simple, disengaged from dramatic theme and included soft color palettes. The symphonic portray of artist S. H. Raza’s works & expressions such as Shanti Bindu, Surya and Naga and Arambh paintings, is used to make the ambience inspiring and thought-provoking for all. An interesting play with nature’s elements could also be seen in the space. Besides, 20 assorted panels have been hanged on the walls, each of which exhibiting ‘Shlokas’ in different Indian languages. The furniture and Kotastone flooring have been refurbished while the heavy beam grid structure on ceiling has been remodeled as false ceiling in the form of cusped arches to lend the space a more humble, soft and inspiring touch.


Rajasthan Adult Education Association


Jaipur, Rajasthan


2000 Sq Ft