Expressions of an Impression

The client approached us for the design of his studio with a very clear brief of spatial requirements. The office cum studio space was to be built as a symbol of transformation that a lifeless cotton fabric undergoes when it converts into lively couture solely through passionate handwork. An open floor plan was created with a working studio and an office without any visual barriers dividing the two spaces.

The whole design scheme is inspired from their studio’s energy, passion and craftsmanship which are an earnest reflection of their work and their inspirations. The core motive was to provide a space which evokes emotion and uplifts the experience of working. The biggest challenge was to incorporate the reflection of the studio’s work and to give connection with our traditional roots in the design details. “The setup could not be more perfect”, client says.


Mr. Ankit Chitlangiya


Jaipur, Rajasthan


2100 sq. ft.