The Palace of Auspiciousness

Sarvatobhadra (auspiciousness in entirety) is a tale, an epitome of traditional beliefs and empathy, endured by a cultured family of Rajasthan comprising of father, sons and grand children, living together. The villa, we see is a palace, that holds an unconditional grace, all distinguished from outside, but grounded from inside; a beautiful composition of emotions, strengthened relationships, humbleness, and earnestness for traditions. Right from the exterior it carries a profound rhyme of traditional architecture, craftsmanship and cultural evidences.

Vital interior spaces comprise of bedrooms with attached dressing and bath, drawing room, dining and kitchen, ‘Swadhyay’ or meditation hall, guest room, TV room, study, living spaces and terrace. A gentle lightness reverberates in the entire interior, where befitting color schemes, eminent gold leafing art and other vibrant details lay peculiar impressions. Greenery is conspicuous inside out, thus adding to the grace of the space.


Mr. Subhash Kataria


Ajmer, Rajasthan


10000 sq. ft.


Architecture and Interiors