A Shell for Physical and Spiritual healing

Siddham ENT Hospital (Jaipur) is a 7 floored and 40 bedded premise, built on 28,000 sq ft corner land which features inpatient and outpatient services for Ear, Nose and Throat related ailments. The design exemplifies holistic healing by up surging medical aid with nature's significance and humbleness. Based on the hierarchy of nature’s essential elements Sun, Greenery, Water and Earth, each floor has been allotted a different narrative and color scheme wherein spiritual artworks and Vedic Mantras amalgamate to accentuate the inevitability of both physical and spiritual healing.

The building features reception, waiting spaces, pharmacy, 3 Modular OT’s, ICU, OPD, Admin office, labs, deluxe, semi deluxe & general wards and basement parking. The building is built with ACC hollow blocks to maintain pleasant air temperature while the façade is shrouded with bison board paneling that keeps it weather resistant. The interior spaces are sunlight-filled and easy to navigate; integrated with Vinyl flooring and necessary signage facilitating the respective floor, as well as professional healthcare amenities, calming landscapes and windows with uplifting views, profoundly addressing the needs of patients and staff and help reduce their anxiety.


Dr. Rishabh Jain


Jaipur, Rajasthan


28000 sq. ft.


Architecture and Interiors