Residence of the Architect

In a quiet street of Jaipur, Vipin built his own residence that judiciously uses a humble 111 Sq Yards. The challenge was to make a dream home, able of expressing architecture values & his emotions while covering basic needs of its inhabitants. He imagined a space full of tranquility. The perfection with which the ambience is developed is heart touching. He began by splitting the space in two levels to make more usable spaces. Play of sunken and raised spaces gives the house a dynamic experience.

The building is also a structural marvel as no two columns rest over each other. Overcoming the practical structural concepts was the biggest challenge in making of Sunividh. Use of vernacular ‘Jali’ symbolizes heritage and also gives heat free light. Use of natural rock sculptures, art works, champa trees, artificial landscapes, murals is evident that adds to the beauty of the house. Swiss white marble adorns the floor while floating stairs tell their unspeakable story.


Mr. V. K. Bakiwala


Jaipur, Rajasthan


3500 sq. ft.


Architecture and Interiors