Suraj - A private bungalow

The owner of this house spends most of his time in Europe, thus wanted to have a home in India which would help him connect to his Indian heritage and cultural values. This residence was conceptualized with the amalgamation of traditional elements juxtaposed modern elements. The traditional feel starts right from the main door having brass flowers and heavy wooden hand carving done by artisans with lots of patience and time.

The simple yet elegant and comfortable decor is complemented by tasteful furniture, upholstery, floor coverings, curtains, carpets and other accessories. Interplay of Italian flooring, stone cladding, dark colours and dim lighting exudes warmth to muted decor. Mostly warm yellow is used for lighting as that adds the woody feel of the interiors and lights are kept dim to match the effect of earthen shades.


Mr. A. K. Jain


Jaipur, Rajasthan


9000 sq. ft.


Architecture and Interiors